Day 1: Update

After an incredible 4 days of camping, walking, singing, and a little bit of pain, we reached Barangu camp with Uhuru Peak in the background. We haven’t had reception until up to now so we apologise for not being able to send updates.

The team is in good spirits despite a few minor setbacks. We lost 4 bags at the airport which were recovered and sent up on Day 2. Anthony had some tummy trouble in the first few days, Jocelyn experienced mild altitude sickness on Day 3 but both have recovered. Janice has severe sun burn on her lips and they have swelled. Sean hurt his right knee yesterday and had to have someone else carry his bag. It’s also difficult sleeping because of the high altitude and cold. But the truly mind-blowing landscapes and great camaraderie have kept us going.

During our climb up here we have seen with our own eyes the effects of global warming. The glaciers are surprisingly small and a fraction of what they used to be ten years ago. New river beds have been created in the last few years due to the sheer amount of glacial melt. Our guide Theophil believes the glaciers will disappear within 5 years. It will be a sad day when it happens.

We summit in two days time so we will have a better look at the glaciers then. We hope we can keep you updated along the way.

Kung Hei Fat Choy from the Project C:CHANGE team!